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"Rob is one of our most resourceful and reliable writers. His writing style is always lively, informative and accurate. I know I can always count on him to meet deadlines, deliver the goods and tie up any the loose ends. I always appreciate Rob's follow-through, ensuring all is well with the articles he writes. I have no hesitation in giving his services the highest recommendation."

Mary Kokinakis, CSP
Editor, Contact Magazine


"Rob is a joy to work with. Not only is he highly skilled at his craft, he's also willing to go the extra mile (photo sourcing, last-minute copy editing, etc.) for all the supplements he writes. Under the tightest of timelines, Rob always pulls through for us. And most importantly, his consistent attention to detail makes my job significantly less stressful. He is an asset to our advertising supplement program."

Lina Graham
Marketing Supervisor, Maclean's / L'actualité/ MoneySense


“Rob Blackstien is a top-notch writer. He knows his stuff when it comes to technology, he finds interesting ways to approach a story, he writes in a way that grabs and holds the attention of the reader even on highly technical subjects, and - a prime consideration for any editor - he delivers what we've planned and does it on time.”  

Ian Johnson
Editor, Globetechnology.com


“Rob is always proactive and keeps the project rolling from his end. You’d think he was part of the staff the way it goes so smoothly when he’s on the job. In a recent, very large project that Rob tackled for us, the client approved all the work with virtually no required changes – a real bonus for us when we’re working on tight deadlines. In another project, the client wanted two case studies, one of which was assigned to Rob and one to another writer. The client was so thrilled with Rob’s portion, that when the other case study didn’t pan out well, the client specifically requested Rob be brought back in to complete the other half. Needless to say, he sure saved us on that one!”

Theresa McVean
Account Executive, Online Specialist
The Globe and Mail, Bell Globemedia


“Finding a freelance writer and editor to take a project from beginning to end in a reliable, professional manner, is critical to the success of any magazine. Rob Blackstien delivers on this premise and more. He is attentive to detail, thorough and reliable. He also adheres to deadlines. It has been a pleasure working with Rob; he is highly recommended.”

Matt Nicholls
Director of Content, Meetings & Incentive Travel magazine


“I wanted to follow up with a quick thank you for your time last week and for the nice article you so quickly put on your web site. We already have received a few contacts from it…Thanks again, it is great coverage and good of you to do it.”

Ken Quinton
Stoneware Inc.


“Rob: just a quick note to thank you for the wonderful job you did on that story. It was a great read and a very accurate representation of what actually happened. We would be very pleased to work with you again on any other upcoming stories…”

Michael J. Green
President, IMRglobal Ltd.


“Your piece, The Benevolent Dictator, in the Aug. 21st issue of Channel Business was hilarious…I loved it.”

Jeff Mouckley
Special Markets Sales Rep, Minolta Canada – Camera Division


“Great piece on Bill Carr. Fun to read and informative (it is rare that I make it all the way through an article unless it relates to one of my clients!). I read probably 25 pubs a day…and your article stood out.”

Julia Quinton
Strategic Ampersand


“Re: Indexing of The Canadian Taxpayer and The Not-For-Profit News. I just wanted to drop you a short note to express my appreciation for the work you have put in producing the indexes for the above two publications. As you know, I was extremely unhappy with the quality of the indexes in past years. In particular, it was impossible to use the indexes to find articles which I knew I had written…and the reason was that whoever was doing the indexing had no “feel” at all for the content, often using just the title, which as you know often offers little information about substance. The new approach you have developed has made a world of difference, allowing me to find material based on substance, names, statutory references and cases. Several of my long-time readers have commented on the improvement. Keep up the good work. It is not unappreciated.”

Arthur Drache, Q.C.
President, Audrac Information Services


“Great job on the last newsletter! Thanks.”

Scott E. Jordan
CEO and President, SCOTT eVEST LLC


“Rob, thanks for all the NFL kit work!”

Lawr Michael


“Hey Rob: just a quick e-mail to let you know I really enjoyed your article in Creative’s FSD…good, timely article.”

Brian Benson


“Your work was exceptional. Thanks for your help.”

Jon Loomer


“Rob, those are great player updates. I have to confess, when I first saw there were three, I kind of blanched as that is a lot of stuff to take away from a game in my experience. But, each comment was exactly the kind of stuff that I was thinking of. All the points you brought up were great, and things you focused on perfect, and the kind of stuff that if I wanted a first-hand report about someone's skill set, I would take every time over the shorter Rotoworld ones. Not that they don't have value, but, I feel that there is room for both. You want to see if Andruw is injured, go to Rotoworld. But, him hobbling into second, or Chipper playing third, not only do I want to know this, but, nothing beats reporting what you saw first hand. Excellent, man.”

Lawr Michael


“I would just like to say that your articles are very in-depth and are awesome to read. I just read your Brewer review and preview and being a long-suffering Brewer fan found the article to be very interesting and right on. Your site is also fantastic for all my fantasy needs. Thanks and keep up the good work.”

Dick Ruhl


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